The Kron Cipher

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The Kron Cipher

Chapter 1

Owlbeach Lodge Care Home, 02:15am Friday.

Despite the security light that lit up the communal grounds of Owlbeach Lodge, the Operative made his way unseen round the periphery of the garden to the rear of the building.

Once in the shadows, the security light offered him more protection than it did the residents. Owlbeach was more institution than home, typical of its age with Georgian-wired windows in metal Crittal frames. Thin vertical metal bars had been cemented into the brick work for security. Whether they were to keep intruders out or residents in was hard to tell.

The entry system to the rear of the property was the same as the front, a digital electronic lock, which even if the code was known would alert the sleep-in Warden of his presence with a long series of beeps. Not being designed for a high level of security meant he…

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The Manhattan Puzzle – Great new thriller by Laurence O’Bryan

Good Evening,

Whilst writing The Kron Cipher, I have continued to follow Harper Collins Author Laurence O’Bryan.

Here, Laurence introduces us to the third Puzzle thriller, The Manhattan Puzzle:-

The Themes of The Manhattan Puzzle

By Laurence O’Bryan

What has been hidden in Manhattan by the most powerful people on earth?

What would you do to a Manhattan banker who treated ordinary people like slaves?

What magic is buried under Manhattan that allows it to rise again from anything the world throws at it?


BXH Bank building, Manhattan, vehicle entrance visible under the arch.

Image © LP O’Bryan

These are the themes of The Manhattan Puzzle. The story sees Sean and Isabel (my characters from The Istanbul Puzzle and The Jerusalem Puzzle) reunited in Manhattan at the headquarters of one of the world’s largest banks, BXH. There’s been some grisly murders, and now the plot takes a new twist. The contents of the book they found in Istanbul are revealed.

My personal journey with this story grew out of my disgust at the financial crisis that has brought many so low. I am interested in the myths and the beliefs of those who value money above everything.

But The Manhattan Puzzle is about other things too. For instance, what would you do if your partner didn’t come home one night? And what would you think if the police turned up at your door the next day looking for him?

Relationships are under stress everywhere, because of the demands placed on us by our jobs, but few of us will face what Isabel has to face when Sean goes missing.

There is violence from the start in The Manhattan Puzzle too, but the opening has a woman inflicting it on a man. I am tired of reading about men inflicting sexual violence on women. I think it’s time for the handcuffs to swop wrists. And they certainly do in The Manhattan Puzzle. You can download the first chapter here as a pdf.

But don’t get me wrong. I love Manhattan. It’s a city in a snow globe of dollar bills. So look in your bookstore and on your E-readers and order it too, if you want.

To order The Manhattan Puzzle click here.

Or to visit my website click here.

And thanks for reading this and for buying The Manhattan Puzzle, if you do. I hope you find it entertaining and the themes interesting.

Book Covers

I have recently had a lot of fun designing a few book covers for the Authonomites over on the Authonomy website for aspiring authors.  Have done three so far….